Vastu therapy Tips And Remedies by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

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Vastu therapy Tips And Remedies

Direction for placing different oils & essential oils to be used in massage/ Kerala therapy:- Maximum objects being used in a Spa like oils and other things should be in north-west or west.

Direction of fixing the table or hard bed & its head side:- Always place the treatment table in such a mode that the head of the client/ patient should be in south. It can also be in east or west but not to be in the north. – vastu consultant

Colours in interiors:- Always use soothing light colours. White, off white, ivory & cream are the best colours.

Designs/ false ceilings etc.:- There should not be any false ceiling in a spa. Designs of furniture, glasses, mirrors, rooms etc. should adhere to geometric designs preferably square and rectangular shaped. There should be nothing of abstract design. – Best Vastu Expert

Indoor plants, aroma, lighting etc.:- Avoid cactus plants in or around the Spa. The aroma should be commonly pleasing or we may ask the client which he/ she feels relaxed in. The lights should be soothing. Many colour-lights or harsh flash lights, light beams etc. are not good. – Vansu Consultant

Posters & paintings to decorate the walls:- Use positive and meaningful posters and paintings on the walls inside the spa. There should not be any picture depicting sorrow, ruins, sickness, wild animals etc. However blossom-flowers, smiling faces, cheerful posters & green landscape posters are the best for a Spa. – Best Vastu Consultant

Relaxing/ retiring room:- It can be anywhere except south-west direction of the Spa. There should be enough fresh airflow in each room.  The religious recitation or light music/ tunes etc. are good to relax. – Top vastu Consultant

Though there is no scientific evidence of getting positive vibrations through Vastu aesthetics, but everybody’s sensation of a blow of positive vibrations itself becomes evidence that he felt something different, positive & relaxed by way of following Vastu tenets. The science of Aura is another method that justifies that energies exist, they may change themselves in the way they desire or they may be changed by human being in the desired way to transform from negative or neutral to positive vibrations. Certainly religiously adhering to the true principles, parameters and ethics of a Spa helps increasing the positive circles and balanced colours in human aura i.e. etheric energy field and it is far better to chose natural therapies for good health.

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