Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vastu

Analysing various tension related fields, vibrational analysis, high-tech readings causing positivity & negativity, Placement of articles, objects & manufacturing or sale related vibes, analysing the intermittent vibes, Stability factors for owner & mobility factors for sales & marketing team, Staff behavioral dynamics, Vastu analysis & summarisation.

Commercial Vastu services

Commercial Vastu:

  • Practical Vastu for Factory
  • Vastu for Offices
  • Use Vastu tenets for corporate office
  • Vastu Corrections
  • Vastu for All Facing commercial building,
  • Residential & Commercial Vastu Advice..
  • Vastu for Factory & Industries
  • Industrial & Apartment Vastu
  • Flats & Office Vastu
  • Vastu for office designs
  • Vastu for Corporate Houses
Position & placement of Commercial Vastu:

  • Best Vastu direction of reception
  • HR Department location
  • Vastu for Staff office
  • Facing of various staff
  • Quality Control Staff facing in Vastu
  • Administration Office Vastu
  • Personnel & HR department Vastu
  • Strongest Direction in Vastu
  • What is the most dominating are direction
  • Vastu for sales & marketing
  • Vastu for designing deptt
  • Computers deptt Vastu details
  • Description of Security staff
Vastu in Corporate Office:

  • Direction of Legal department
  • Where to place the different cabins in industry
  • Office cabins as per Vastu
  • Meeting room Vastu
  • Position & Placements of Conference room
  • Paints & shades in the cabin
  • Colours of entrance doors in Office
  • Room Heaters Directions
  • Vastu for Machines in Hindi
  • Vastu for air conditioners
  • Direction of Compressors in Vastu