Fengshui Consultancy

Study of Feng Shui parameters, application of Feng Shui in the house, Applying Feng Shui in commercial sites, Feng shui objects. Placement as per Feng Shui, Feng shui for bedroom, Feng shui for kitchen area, Feng shui for washroom, Feng shui for stairs, Feng shui for love, Feng shui for harmony & Feng shui for health. Along with feng shui for wealth & their objects. Right positioning & placements of Feng shui artefacts etc. Fengshui for colours based on Ba-gua Fengshui parameters.

Fengshui Master: Fengshui is the method of dealing with energy vibrations which work like Vastu energy or Vastu vibrations. Feng Shui is like Chinese art of Vastu that deals in systematic positioning & placement of objects inside the house. Fengshui has a method of directional alignment and works on the principles of five directions & five elements. The five elements of Vastu are Water, Fire, Earth, Air & Space whereas in Fengshui methods the five elements arte water, wood, fire, earth and metal. There is one method of personal Kua number which indicates all the positive & negative directions of an individual. Date of birth plays a vital role in Fengshui Kua number calculation. We also deal in Fengshui.