The Master of Vastu by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

  • Vastu Shastra is a science of energies moving around us 24 hours…. BUT it is far ahead of this limited arena… Understanding this seemingly very complex but very easy phenomena to know is the hidden truth behind Vastu, the science of energies.
  • Vastu Shastra is a science of directions & vibrations… BUT this definition is not enough…. How.. do come with me & know!

Anyone who really commands on his subject & speaks every word with confidence is called ‘The Master’. His disciples always follow him by heart & by deeds. The master never shows his super highness… BUT his followers know the high value of his each word & action. The globally known Vastu Shastra consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is such a great, nice, humble, wise, learned and real master that often one may find people moving with a note-pad and a pen in their hand to pen down each sentence uttered by Dr. Bhardwaj because they know that each word of this great consultant is like a pearl.. really very precious. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is an internationally acclaimed and world’s highest qualified Vastu consultant carrying almost 41 years experience in scientific Vast. He is MA, MBA, PhD Socio, Ph.D Vastu & D.Sc Eq. D.Lit in Vastu. He is a matured, qualified, intellect and rational Vastu Adviser who deals in logical Vastu. Everything should be authentic.. is the main concept of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. He is third generation in this great field of Vastu that talks about the vibrations & energies… refrains from superstitions.  He is a researcher, an author, an analyst & intellect with great experience in the field he deals in. Certainly he is master of ‘VASTU’ & always looks at this great Indian Vedic wisdom from scientific viewpoint. The advice given by Dr. Bhardwaj is scientific; hence authentic, logical & trust-worthy. His interpretations are always based on scientific Vastu.

Geopathic Stress Expert: We have expertise on Geopathic stress locating & tracing. The word geo-pathic stress is becoming very common now-a-days but very few Vastu consultants know in depth about geopaethic stress in house. What is Geopathic stress is a very interesting question which is highly technical & we can find Geopathic stress in the plot or building. There is one Lecher Antenna training system which is also done time to time & we tell what is lecher Antenna & how to use lecher. But the most important thing is to practice & to learn what positive energy is & what negative energy is.

Fengshui Master: Fengshui is the method of dealing with energy vibrations which work like Vastu energy or Vastu vibrations. Feng Shui is like Chinese art of Vastu that deals in systematic positioning & placement of objects inside the house. Fengshui has a method of directional alignment and works on the principles of five directions & five elements. The five elements of Vastu are Water, Fire, Earth, Air & Space whereas in Fengshui methods the five elements arte water, wood, fire, earth and metal. There is one method of personal Kua number which indicates all the positive & negative directions of an individual. Date of birth plays a vital role in Fengshui Kua number calculation. We also deal in Fengshui.

Pyramids Consultant: Pyra Vastu is another expertise field being practised by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. In fact a pyramid may be defined as the energy processor. PyraVastu is very old concept of handling various vibrations. When at any site the negative energy goes beyond control & it becomes very difficult to balance the energies, then PYRA-VAASTU techniques are very helpful. How to ward of the negative energy or how to remove the negative vibrations from the house etc are the questions where Pyra Vastu has the answer to address in a proper manner. But dear readers it is not essential that every Pyramid will solve your purpose of doing away with the negative energies, BUT the material, shape, size, angle of base & angle of apex are very sensitive terms to be taken care while using artificial or real pyramids. That is why we always suggest our clients to hire the best Pyramid expert who has expertise on ‘How to make the best & positive Pyramid.”

Numerology Consultant: Numbers play a vital role in our lives. That is why the best numerology expert or the best numerologist in your area is the right person who can help you in changing & energising the vibes of a name. Name numerology or firm name numerology ( company name numerology) is good to be calculated before starting. The numerology names of the kids & numerology for new born babies etc is a subject of interest of every one now a days. So the numerology expert should know the choice of name before changing the name as per numerology. There are various types of numerology & the world’s most reliable and most appreciable numerology should be adopted for better energy of name & time. We have to take care that we are going to play with the inherited energy or vibrations of our name so the best energised Numerology name should be selective. We can cross check the name after alteration with the help of very advanced gadgets & other high-tech methods. In this way numerology advice becomes most reliable numerology advice and one can easily rely on that.

Aura Scanning Expert: Normally Aura is an invisible field of energy which can be seen with practice. There are several colours in the Aura & these colours tell about the health of a person. Similarly the Aura of house or Aura of a building can define the energy vibes of that building. Sometimes you must have seen few buildings lying unmanned & unattended.. In such buildings the aura may be negative. Few buildings are declared as the haunted houses, are that true.. Yes it may be true & the reality may be checked with the help of Aura scanner & one can know the truth. The Aura science is very big field & getting expertise on it may take years together to have command. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is clairvoyant Aura consultant who can very easily see the Aura. He can also measure the Aura of human & a house or a factory. There are several methods to check the positive aura & negative aura. Likewise there are several methods to cleanse the negative aura.. that is called Aura cleansing method. It is also part of Vastu Consultancy services to include the aura reading in the professional vastu.

Tarot Cards Reader: What is the meaning of Tarot Cards? The question is very simple but the answer is tricky. There are myths & legends behind the starting of Tarot card system. Tarot card reading is getting prominence day by day. The Tarot Card Readers in your area are those who have knowledge about Tarot Card Readings. BUT how accurate is the tarot card reading for predictions or for future telecast, is a subject of great concern because now in India the Tarot Card readings in Hindi & tarot card readings in English both are popular like other countries of the world. In fact Tarot Card Reading by Decan way is very popular in modern times. How many cards are there in Tarot Cards & what is the meaning of each Tarot Card is a very lengthy process which needs time to understand. Moreover how the Tarotcards reader interprets a particular card depends upon him that time’s presence of mind & psychic arena. It may do predictions about the planets & stars of individual. Destiny is made of many things & Tarot cards deal with the planets, destiny, luck, fate, fortune & future. The theory of Karma also plays a vital role in explaining the outcome of a set of tarot cards.

Past Life Regression: Past life regression is another technique to go deep into the previous life of a person. This may be useful for finding the causes in the present life & its impact associated with past life. This is technique in which hypnosis is used.

Vastu consultancy services in different cities of NCR:

There may be many Vastu consultant in Delhi & similarly Vastu consultants in Noida are also serving the people of Noida but Vastu consultant in most of the parts of India are doing studies & hard work. As a best Vastu consultant in Delhi i can assure you the best services being provided by me so far. As i told that Noida Vastu consultants are doing good in their areas but best Vastu consultant in the city are still difficult to find. That is why that Vastu consultancy services in Noida is one of the best Vastu consultancy being carried out by the best Vastu consultants in Noida. In course of Vastu consultancy in Noida Vastu consultants find the whole city tilted at almost 45 degrees hence not on the cardinal directions. On the other hand Vastu consultation in Delhi & Vastu in Noida can not be compared Vastu consultants in Delhi NCR & top consultants in Noida are engaged in various good r & d work  as the most famous Vastu consultant in Delhi. The Vastu experts in Noida & few of the best Vastu expert in Gurgaon are equally good as Vastu expert in Delhi like all the Vastu expert in Delhi ncr. It is felt that Vastu consultant in Delhi are performing good for residential Vastu because the Vastu consultant in each city need the proper training. Best Vastu consultant in Delhi or best Vastu consultant in Chandigarh are working on the theory of Panch Tatwa. Vastu consultancy in each town needs to be associated with the town planning because Vastu consultancy in each city will become different & difficult if the Vastu consultation in Delhi are trying to concentrate the development of scientific Vastu theories like all the Vastu consultants in Delhi ncr. The most famous Vastu consultant in Delhi Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is also working  hard to explore the possibility of each Vastu aspect as Vastu consultant in Delhi. As in first paragraph i told that Vastu consultants in Noida & nearby area like Vastu consultant in Gurgaon are to be sit together to learn. Best Vastu consultant in Delhi are working open minded. Noida Vastu consultants are also going to join the Vastu seminars very soon. Best Vastu consultant in each area are called to deliver the lectures in the Vastu workshops, Vastu seminars & Vastu symposiums. Vastu consultancy services in Noida and Vastu consultants in greater Noida are equally dynamic to work. Vastu consultant in Gurgaon are like best Vastu consultant in Delhi & the greater Noida Vastu consultants are al

So working to explore the possibility of getting it through science. Best Vastu consultant in the villages also try to work for positive energies. Vastu consultancy services in greater Noida & Vastu consultancy in Gurgaon city need more advanced technology. Best Vastu consultants in greater Noida are working on landscape Vastu also. Vastu consultancy in greater Noida & Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad are like doing Vastu consultant in Kanpur for industrial Vastu. Best Vastu consultant in Delhi & same Ghaziabad Vastu consultants are called research minded best Vastu consultant in Ghaziabad. Vastu consultancy services in Ghaziabad can be provided by Vastu consultancy providers everywhere. Best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad are available on internet. Vastu consultancy in Ghaziabad & Ghaziabad Vastu are same things. Vastu consultation in Delhi & Vastu in Ghaziabad to be joined together for betterment. As i told that Vastu expert in Gurgaon are like Vastu consultants in Gurgaon & Vastu consultants in Sohna road Gurgaon are available on phone calls. Best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon are giving Vastu consultancy services in Gurgaon with good knowledge. Vastu consultancy in Gurgaon needs more attention. The best Vastu consultants in Gurgaon are engaged in giving the Vastu consultancy in Gurgaon. Top consultants in Gurgaon are almost the same Vastu consultants & Vastu experts famous Vastu consultant in Delhi who are Vastu experts in Gurgaon. Those Vastu expert in Gurgaon may serve better as Vastu expert in Delhi & Gurgaon as the best Vastu expert in Delhi ncr.

When we talk about vastu for factory or we may call it vastu for industry then in this case the main Vastu principles of factory vastu are very crucial. On the other hand vastu for office is closely associated with industrial vastu consultant wherein the professionally trained Vastu consultant  advise on industrial vastu. Thias activity incluses all the aspects of industrial Vastu where Vastu for industry especially office vastu is going to become an integral part of industrial vastu shastra. As a world famous Vastu consultant I have seen that Vastu consultants in Gujarat or similarly Vastu consultants in Rajasthan are not different. The Vedic Vastu principles remain the same in Panipat area of Haryana which is famous for handloom industries and the other city is Mumbai which is called the financial capital of India. So vastu consultants in Mumbai are active & doing wonderful work. As a best Vastu consultants in Pune, I visited many industries for Vastu consultancy services for Pune & advised Vastu. The next big city which is known to be the most densely populated city of India is Kolkata which was earlier spelled ad Calcutta & the Vastu consultants in Kolkata are working as the Vastu consultants in Kolkata. In Haryana state the Vastu consultants in sonipat are moving from Delhi to Sonipat. The area is vast but dedication is marvelous. I visited Rudrapur as the Vastu consultants in Rudrapur & saw the Industries in SIDKUL where they are doing well but there are few Vastu defects in Rudrapur so Vastu consultancy services in Rudrapur need vastu corrections without demolition.


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