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Dr. Anand Bhardwaj


(Not like other ordinary Traditional or Superstitious Vastu Shastri)


That’s why we told you that he is the senior-most Vastu consultant with an energetic mindset, smart, a man of ideas, creative, active, dynamic, prompt, logical and true Vastu consultant. Below are his more qualities which instantly impress everyone…

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

He is Specialised in Residential & Commercial Vastu:

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj (MA, MBA. Ph.D-Soci., Ph.d-Vastu, D.Sc Eq. D.Lit)

Certainly he is the highest qualified Vastu Adviser with 41 years experience in this noble field,

He is the recipient of 132 awards, rewards & appreciation… It’s really a big thing!!!!

Honoured with 24 medals… This is unmatchable…

He is Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who has addressed almost 4,75000 queries till now

Appeared on numerous national TV Channels…

Has given more than 1000 TV shows,

Wrote articles in more than 120  newspapers, Magazines & periodicals,

Currently on a panel of almost 70 Big Builders, Industrialists, Corporate Groups & Colonisers,

He has inaugurated more than 500 seminars, symposiums, Vastu workshops & Art & Culture Fetes,

HE IS REALLY A VIP & Senior Vastu Celebrity.

What makes us special?

  • We are different…. we are ahead… we are reliable… We are scientific…. We are technical…. we are accurate…. we are high-tech…. we are most advanced…
  • We undertake services of the survey of each site… be residential, commercial, industrial, apartments, farmhouses, official, etc. that is done with the help of very highly technical sensors, scanners, meters (digital, analog, sensorial), digital scanning, tele-vibes analysis, computerized imaging system… Really extremely advanced… World class & most reliable

Awarded as:

  • Best Vastu Consultant-1989,
  • Scientific Vastu Adviser of the Year-1998
  • Best Vastu writer of the year-2004,
  • Outstanding Vastu Consultant-2009,
  • Scientific Vastu Guru -2014,
  • Most advanced Vastu Consultant of the year-2016

If we add every achievement of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the above list shall need many pages…  He is really a world-famous & world-class Vastu celebrity…. Not an ordinary Vastu Consultant.

He is the right Vastu Consultant whom you were looking for…

He is expert in housing & business Vastu that includes:

Vastu for plots (Vastu for land):

This includes: Checking of Telluric Vibrations, Earth Energy, Cosmic Energy of Plot, Feelers, Clairvoyant Check, Cosmic Energy Checking, Checking of Positive Vibes of Land, Ascertaining the Negative Vibrations in the Plot, Directional Study & Impacts, Instrumental Vastu Check and detection of various vibes causing comfort & agony to inmates.

Residential Vastu:

This includes: Directional Analysis, Checking of Vibrational Fields, Earth Vibes, Parallel Vibes (Hard Vibrations, Soft Vibrations, Intermittent Vibes) Magnetic Flux & Distortion, Intermittent Vibes Analysis, Eele-Vibes Fields, Magnetic Deviation, Stress Analysis, Macro Vastu, Microanalysis, Testing Invisible Vibes & Paranormal Effects.

Commercial Vastu:

This includes: Analysing various tension related fields, vibrational analysis, high-tech readings causing positivity & negativity, Placement of articles, objects & manufacturing or sale-related vibes, analyzing the intermittent vibes, Stability factors for owner & mobility factors for sales & marketing team, Staff behavioral dynamics, Vastu analysis & summarisation.

Remedial Vastu:

This includes: Checking all the positive energies inside the premises, negative vibes & their intensity, removal of negative factors, using petty remedies to cure, Vastu defects to be removed through home remedies, No tantra, no mantra, no superstition… & yes. No expenses on doing the home Vastu remedies.

Fengshui Consultancy:

This includes the Study of Feng Shui parameters, the application of Feng Shui in the house, Applying Feng Shui in commercial sites, Feng shui objects. Placement as per Feng Shui, Feng shui for bedroom, Feng shui for the kitchen area, Feng shui for the washroom, Feng shui for stairs, Feng shui for love, Feng shui for harmony & Feng shui for health. Along with feng shui for wealth & their objects. Right positioning & placements of Feng shui artifacts etc. Fengshui for colors based on Ba-gua Fengshui parameters.

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