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‘Learn & Earn’ may be the motive of most of the students. Certainly there is a dream of each student that he or she wants to become an internationally acclaimed great Vastu consultant like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who is the top most Vastu consultant on the globe. This dream may come true if the aspirant willing to learn is really willing to learn Vastu Shastra. He also wants to have the physical Vastu training from any good Vastu training institutes but it is really very difficult to find a Vastu Courses institute which is providing the Vastu teaching in minimum fees or vastu training in minimum charges & in minimum duration.

There are many questions in the mind of Vastu learning aspirants like:

  • Which is the best Vastu training institute?
  • Which school is giving Vastu training?
  • Are there online Vastu courses?
  • Is there any college conducting Vastu training?
  • Which is the best Vastu School in India?
  • Name of the best Vastu training institute in India?
  • How to learn Vastu?
  • What is the date of admission in Vastu Courses?
  • How to learn Fengshui?
  • How to learn Pyra-Vastu?
  • How to learn Numerology?
  • Willing to learn Aura Scanning?
  • How to get Best Vastu training in New Delhi,
  • Which is the Best Vastu institute in New Delhi?

Best Methods in Vastu courses:

Certainly we take care of every student & his need. Keeping in mind we arrange/ conduct:

  • Online Vastu Courses
  • Email Vastu courses
  • Short term Vastu Courses,
  • Crash courses in Vastu Shastra,
  • Vastu courses thru physical classes,
  • Regular Vastu courses,
  • One day Vastu course
  • Two days Vastu course,
  • Short duration Professional Vastu courses,
  • Vastu courses in summer Vacations,
  • Vocational program in Vastu learning,

Modes of Vastu courses:

  • We offer many types of Vastu courses. All the courses are in very easy & simple language,
  • Vastu classes are also conducted time to time,
  • We also provide the tailor made Vastu trainings
  • Vastu training programs are conducted almost every month,
  • The student from abroad can also get physical classes on Vastu Shastra
  • Students from other countries may join Vastu Learning in groups,
  • Webinar Vastu courses,
  • Vastu courses admission date is flexible.

Types of Vastu courses:

There are many types of Vastu courses available. We do coach Vastu Shastra through following modes:

  • Online thru emails,
  • Thru correspondence,
  • Thru skype
  • Thru phone,
  • Through one-to-one classroom system
  • Through email chats,
  • On Whatsapp video teaching method.

Fees structure for Vastu courses:

(Adjustable-Flexible & Best Suited to each student)

Dear students,

The courses’ fees structure depends upon the way or mode of learning & your requirement. The course fees starts from INR 5000.00 & goes till far above. For example for Indian students the basic course is of one month & costs Rupees 5000.00 whereas for students from other countries the fees for same course is only 200 USD. The top Vastu courses till level 5 may cost you up to rupees 95000.00 but this makes a student perfect Vastu consultant. Instruments & sensors are to be purchased by the students of their own from their own expenses. We do guide from where one can buy these Vastu instruments. These guidelines are only for students & we do not sell the instruments to Vastu consultants who have not taken the Vastu education from us.

Therefore we would like to invite the students to come up with their requirements and on the basis of their time, duration, availability, mode of learning, place of conducting the physical Vastu classes or regular Vastu traing etc. we accommodate each student. We never dishearten any one.

We always draft or chalk-out the tailor made Vastu training program best suited to every aspirant.

So come forward & write to us what suits you. We will plan accordingly. Certainly you can learn Vastu through any mode that suits you the best. I am sure you will write to me & share your intension as what suits you.

So come forward & write to me on Or contact me on 9811656700 Or on 9999256700.

I promise to help and co-operate you my dear students. You can start your course any day…. anytime… anywhere…. What else you expect.

My blessings are always with you.

Thanks & with best wishes

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj
Director- IIVC
Vastu Guru, Researcher & Writer.