Right Approach

One step in right direction is the key of success in our life…. a wrong step may lead to complete failure.. distress and negative philosophy of life.

Our Thoughts are Our guides:

What one thinks today may be the first idea striking to his mind for his future BUT at the same time there may be other idea getting pop-up in one corner of his mind-screen to hit him negatively by pretending as his well wisher and may STOP him from cropping up that brilliant idea. Now, he may be one out of two types of persons… 1. Either a determined person to stick on first positive idea or to leave it forever consoling himself under the excuses that the idea is useless, third-grade, only conceptual, of-no-use… etc. From here the success or failure of one’s life is decided. Just have a look on this statement-  “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get-up & do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen for you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” ― Barack Obama

Lifelong benefit from Vastu:

If you are aware of a lot of positive things which may be incorporated in your life, then certainly getting life-long benefits from great Indian Vedic science of Vastu should be one of those good concepts striking to your mind during last few days. It is good to incorporate good Vastu principles on the primary stage i.e. inception of the new work, making a choice of plot or land, selecting a piece of land for commercial purpose or for a residence etc. Vastu is 100% applicable on each piece of earth be in any nation or in any continent… because the causes that helps in  Vastu are all the natural powers which may be termed as the natural forces available on this mother earth we define these energies on macro terminology as the Water, Fire, Earth, Air & space… Likewise in the concept of Fengshui the Chinese art of positioning & placement these elements are called the Water, The Wood, the Fire, The earth & the Metal.. However the basic principles are aimed at giving multiple comforts to human being. Hence Vastu shastra & feng Shui both are the subjects which nicely deal for the welfare of whole mankind. Vastu is also called Vasthu in southern part of India but these are the same. Even in coastal areas of Kerala it may be spelled as the Vaastu or Vaasthu adding the second complimentary word of Shastra or Sastra making the perfect tem of Vasthu Shastra.

Positive & Negative energies:

In course of doing Vastu survey the Vastu consultant talks about the Vastu Energy and each Vastu Audit or Vastu Survey conducted by the trained and professional Vastu Consultant is a detailed study of all positive energies & negative energies roaming about inside or outside the premises. Normally Vastu Consultants start Vastu survey from the main gate but even then few Vastu Shastra Consultants start Vastu study from top of the roof from where the entire premises & its Vastu shape is visible. That is best to be done by a Vastu expert. It is also seen in few cases that Vastu Experts in few small towns are not that much expert but hopefully they may become expert in 5 to 10 years because Vastu Consultant in small cities is not having a chance to serve to a large group of people rather he is giving advice on Vastu as the side business because the work on Vastu is not that much available there spo he has a little chance to doo Vastu readings in bulk. It is said that practice makes a man perfect. So carrying out minimum 1000 onsite surveys of Vastu consultancy per year is essential for becoming an expert.  Vastu Consultants in metro cities all over the world get a golden opportunity to become an expert & Vastu Guru.

How to check positive & negative energy:

The main concern here is how to check positive & negative energy. How to check positive energy is very simple that gives a hint to everyone by feelings but how to check the negative energy is a very tedious thing which we do tell in the training. Then it becomes very easy for our disciples to check the positive vibrations & negative vibrations. Now a days one more research is being carried out by the Vastu scholars & experts on H3 Gold Lecher Antenna.

Dowsing methods:

In fact these are very closely concerned with the Dowsing method. Dowsing is a technique of finding the unknown with the help of a suspended pendulum which swings clockwise or anticlockwise after giving the command but dowsing truly with perfection depends upon the training on dowsing methods. The clairvoyant consultant ( a person who is expert & has good command over supernatural ability- may be psychic healer) use pendulum too for advanced dowsing but the intuition is the main linkage to command the suspended pendulum.


We also deal in Reiki the art of transforming or sending or receiving the energies. There is a link between the energy sender in Reiki & the energy vibrations receiver. There are few symbols in Reiki & Reiki masters or Reiki grand master can handle the energy sending easily.

Clairvoyant consultant : There are many other sciences, knowledge & wisdom that deal in different occult sciences. Pranic Healing is one of them which tells how to heal a sick person or an unhealthy person without medicine. This is also an art being dealt in by clairvoyant consultant. In fact Pranic healing is there to give comfort to mankind. In Reiki & Pranic healing various methods are used which are very subtle in nature. In case of any problem the healer uses the sea salt, water, wet cloth, orders & command technique, uses the Crystal, which may be clear crystal or quartz.

Crystal Therapy:  Quartz & Amethyst are also used. Benefits of these crystals including the Rose Quartz are also very good to use to get the positive vibes. The consultants using the L rods or lecher antenna can easily detect whether these quarts, stones etc are working for the concerned person or not.

Crystal Ball Gazing: There is one more method to know about the future & unknown happenings which may be called Crystal ball gazing in which the reflection may be seen by gazing very calmly and deeply, but Crystal Ball Gazing needs too much practice. Crystal ball gazing needs a long experience and of course a good patience. This ability is very rare & if one gets the command on it… definitely it is worth learning.


Vastu facings of the plot, house & commercial:

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Vastu facings of the typical directions,

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  • Vastu for east facing factory
  • Vastu for north facing factory
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  • Vastu for south west facing factory
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  • Vastu for east facing plot
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Vastu facings of the plot, house & commercial:

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Vastu for flooring:

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Elevations As per Vastu :

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Windows as per Vastu :

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Builders & Colonisers:

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