Enhancing Business thru Vastu Profitability

Enhancing Business thru Vastu Profitability

Enhancing Businesses Thru Vastu Profitability – In today’s competitive environment, it is not easy for any business to sail smoothly. Though everyone wants the hurdle free progressive operations of his business and tries to adopt a number of business promotion techniques but all the ideas hardly work. In the quest of edging over one another, everyone wants to be pioneer because the life span of immediate high profitability from new product has subsequently reduced.

Monopoly has no longer space in any field & up to much extent; the concept of perfect competition is being appreciated by all. Everyone is left with no option other than hiring competent marketing staff, entering into new-product line, diversification exercise, and cost cutting activities or going for the other similar techniques. Today every business man wants growing business and Dr. Anand Bhardwaj share vastu experience of Enhancing Businesses Thru Vastu.

Everyone wants to accelerate the profitability graph as early as possible. Unless & until we prepare our all employees to contribute to the fast growth of the Organization, the target shall remain half achieved. On the other hand if we can change the thinking process of our human assets so that they take utmost pains for making the business show better, the half race is won. It is very easy for everyone to preach others, but difficult to practice unless our entire environment is adoptive to change. In course of this concept, all the factors contributing to our business shall have to be made positive. We shall be able to make the weather favorable to us by adding up new positivity’s and simultaneously by reducing the negativities.

Remedies for Enhancing Businesses Thru Vastu

VASTU speaks of the energies that move within and around our premises and defines the impacts of all negative and positive factors. Merely by changing the positioning & placements of few objects and key operators, the negative environment may become favorable to us.

In fact ASTUSHASTRA works on the principles of harnessing the hidden natural powers & making them useful. All the positive energies blessed by the Almighty move from North to South & East to west. So please see if there is any big hindrance in the way to flow of energy.

That is why the Northern side of the premises is always advised to keep low as compared to South & West Side. In the terminology of Vastu Shastra, the ISHAAN direction is defined as DOUBLE-L corner whereas the NAIRUTYA corner is DOUBLE-H corner in which double H means “Highest and Heaviest” and double L means “Lowest & Lightest”. Therefore it is recommended to maintain these corners as defined here above.

Though there are more than one hundred and ten factors in Vastu, but you can start with making changes one by one as soon as you come to know their negative and positive impacts and you can do better.

Enhancing Businesses Thru Vastu Tips

Many times I have experienced few typical situations where the businessmen are much aware of the above mentioned factors even then they often oversee the crucial VASTU factors like defining the fruitful storage of raw material, appropriate direction for fast dispatch of finished goods, Pooja place, area for chief of the Organization, gainful direction for money-box and so on.

Recently I visited a large industrial Organization and noticed that the industrialist has already set the facilities lay-out as per Vastu & had been growing very fast over the last few years.

But the biggest negativity due to the recent new structure and minor changes in managers’ face direction, suddenly started causing unease and the gentleman had a lot of financial problems. Therefore it is always better to minutely analyses the positive & favorable directions and avoids negativity.

You shall be benefited as much as Positivity you shall be able to retain within the premises. Enhancing Business thru Vastu.

This is one way to harness the natural energies. According to our aged old science of Vastushastra, the Vastupurush lies on each piece of land with head in ISHAAN direction & feet in NAIRUTYA so never put a heavy load on North East direction. Enhancing Business thru Vastu, Business groth thru vastu, vastu remedies for Enhancing Business, vastu tips for business groth. “Enhancing Business thru Vastu”

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