Confused of these?

As stated in previous pages, Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has a special expertise of few minor but very tedious points which often confuses almost all the Vastu Consultants. Here are few examples:

Vastu for Chimney:

Vastu for chimney is a very tricky question because every Vastu consultant says that the south west direction should be the highest… but at the same time he suggests to keep every hot thing in south east. Just think how it is possible that the fire place be there in south east and chimney in south-west. Isn’t it a greatly confusing point of Vastu? Yes, most of the Vastu consultants do not know how to handle this situation.

During last 3-4 years I came across many clients wherein the client had to bear huge losses due to wrong placement of Chimney.. that too on the advice of some novice Vastu consultant. I found that the advice in every field should be customized whereas most of the Vastu consultants advise on what they read in the books written by different writers… hence confused. I believe that PROFESSIONAL consultant should use his intellect to guide on the basis of his wisdom not on the topsy-turvy way of advising with many invalid factors. Many times the thumb-rules cannot be applied in every situation. Here the guidance is tricky but very easy. Just check the business factors, business compulsions, conditions & area and work on Vastu energetics. As a seasoned Vastu consultant it is my moral, professional & intellectual responsibility to guide the client in a logical way so that he may be benefited.

In fact chimney related factor depends upon many factors like the type of production, timing, area of heat, target of future production, ignition material……. so this question needs many related details so that the perfect Vastu advice be given to the client. One can not apply any thumb rule on chimney. The Vastu consultant should analyse the above 9 factors then he should reach on a conclusion.

  • Chimney in south east or not
  • Industrial Chimney highest where
  • Chimney in brick kilns
  • How to balance chimney
  • Height of Chimney
  • Smoke Chimney for smoke
  • Hot hollow structure for fire smoke
  • Vastu for Smoking Chimney
  • High Chimney Vastu in South-west? Why

Looking at the above it is clear that Vastu guidelines vary from one situation to other. Hence universal thumb rules for chimney direction cannot be put as universal rule ….

Certainly we can help you deciding all Vastu positions for Chimney onsite. Be confident that we always use logical strategies to guide our valuable clients…

In fact chimney related factor depends upon many factors like the type of production, timing, area of heat, target of future production etc.

In above course of action we consider Earth Vibes Level, Topography, production system, fires location, intensity of heat, smoke & fire, height of chimney, practicality, logical analysis and decision….

Now you can very well understand that Vastu for Chimney is a highly technical factor in Vastu.

Vastu for Lift:

Vastu for lift is a very interesting topic in modern time because when drafting a lift as per Vastu there are many questions in mind..Like :

  1. Lift has a pit & pit should be in north-east.. But weight is negative in north-east. Then what to do?
  2. Lift has a machine room at roof top… highest point… which should be in south-west but the pit is very serious in south west… So what should be done
  3. Lift vibrates so not to be in north and east.. Where to locate the lift?
  4. Lift has electricity so should it be in south-east… no because south east should not be the highest & pit in south east is negative.. What is the solution
  5. Similarly if the lift is in west, then again the pit is not ok in west as per Vastu
  6. The lift can also be not in north-west as this direction with pit & highest point will become negative..

Therefore excellent presence of mind is needed for lift. We deal in such advice also with 100% accurate & justified basis. Our lift advice is scientific & logical. We are confident.

  • Lift in which direction Vastu
  • Passenger lift Vastu
  • Lift Vastu Direction
  • Vastu for Mechanical lift
  • Lift Vastu for industries
  • Vastu for gantry
  • Lift Vastu Direction
  • Direction of Lift in Vastu
  • Vastu for Lift’s Direction

The numerous points in the above explain that it is very highly technical factor in Vastu Shastra to decide the perfect Vastu friendly Lift in the home. Lift for house as per Vastu is also a variable factor considering the need and utility. Hence Vastu guidelines for lift may vary from one situation and requirement to the other one.

Therefore one should take very many precautions while using the pencil to mark a lift on the building’s first draft… Believe.. your one small decision at this point of time is very precious and sensitive. So consult an expert Vastu consultant for the best Vastu direction of passenger lift. However Vastu for goods lift is different from the passenger lift.

Vastu for Septic Tank in east facing house:

Vastu for septic tank or Vastu for manhole is a very important factor while making a toilet,. Vastu guidelines to make a positive sever tank is to be taken care. We had already explained that east & north are the auspicious directions hence there should be no sever or septic tank in north and east directions. But most of the times we have to overrule Vastu. In that case the sever line or septic tank may be fitted in south-west or south-east or elsewhere. BUT there are ways to have the sever points, sever line & septic tanks in the directions where they are said to be negative. These methods are very easy but looking at the above it is clear that Vastu guidelines vary from one situation to other. Hence universal thumb rules for any septic tank may and should not be followed. Try to live Vastu friendly, not Vastu blindly. Certainly we can help in this matter and guide you what to do in such complicacy. This is why many factors depends upon many factors like the location of the septic tank, direction of sepytic tank, location of toilets, piping, plumbing drawings Vastu etc. Now you can very well understand that Vastu for septic tank is a highly technical factor in Vastu that needs special attention.

Vastu for heavy machine with pit:

Vastu for pits is one factor & pits’ positive direction as per Vastu is a point that should be dealt with high prudence because vastu for pits or low area is to be decided by the Vastu consultant from various Vastu angles. What to do if the machine needs a pit. Dear readers, the pit should be in north or east directions but the machines should be in south & west directions. Isn’t it a typical & complicated situation. Certainly Vastu for pits of Machines is a factor which has close relartion with the productivity. S the Vastu consultant should be learned and foresighted who can solve this problem very wisely.Looking at the above it is clear that Vastu guidelines vary from one situation to other. Hence universal thumb rules for Vastu for pits type machines should be seen from various abngles. Our aim is not to stick to traditional Vastu rules but to get a solution. Certainly we can help you in this matter because Vastu for pit type machines is a tedious factor depends upon many factors like the location, production, machine weight etc. Everything should be calculated by the trained Vastu consultant well in advance. Now you can very well understand that Vastu for pit type machines is a highly technical factor in Vastu.

Stairs for basement as per Vastu:

Vastu for stairs for basement is also a topic of great interest. Very few Vastu consultants have such wisdom to balance the stairs & its weight in the soft directions whereas the staircase should be located in the hardest directions as per Vastu. Therefore Vastu for stairs is a very vast subject. Here we have a great complicacy i.e. we want the entry to basement from north eat but we do not want the staircase in north east. How it is possible? The answer lies in the prudence of your Vastu consultant who will calculate the energy vibes accurately & then he will guide you on the entry of a basement or entrance for the basements as per Vastu shastra. Certainly we can help you to solve such complicated but easy for me situation. I have dealt with thousands of such cases in my professional career as vastu consultant. One may find a Vastu consultant in Delhi but most of the Vastu consultants in Delhi are working on the traditional Vastu. We are ahead & at the top situation amongst all.

Staircase in east facing building:

Vastu for stirs in east facing plot is also equally complicated. Because on one hand we want the entry to upper floors from east and on the other hand we do not want to have staircase in east. This is also a challenging factors which raises Many questions & each question to be addressed by the Vastu consultant very nicely. It is now the turn of your Vastu consultant who is going to advice you on Vastu for stairs in east facing plot or Vastu for staircase in east facing building. Definitely we have clear and logical mindset and hence I can help you out on your p[lot when getting full advice on Vastu. Most of the Vastu consultants are not clear on this typical factor so how they can reply you. We can solve this situation in blinks.

Vastu for Staircase in north facing building:

Now is the turn of Vastu for stairs in a north facing plot or north facing building. Here, I would like to clarify that if a staircase is constructed in north direction then it puts the negative impact on the Kuber, the lord of wealth & Vastu for wealth is a crucial topic which should be addreeessed while deciding on stairs for north facing plot or north facing building. In such a situation we have to take care the cruciality of making the load on north Wall. This is very complicated but a simple thind fpor us to solve. Therefore we can also solve this problem very easily.

Vastu for Oil Storage tank in Petrol Pump:

Vastu for oil storage tank in a petrol pump is getting to much diversions among Vastu consultants because few Vastu consultants tell that the oil etc fuel is a saleable item so it should be stored in the north-west direction. Few Vastu advisers think the oil as a water element. Few Vastu experts think is a dirty chemical & rest of the Vastu consultants think that it is highly inflammable so this oil is fire element. BUT there is no logic behind the statement of most of the Vastu consultants. Therefore we are there to solve this complicated situation easily with the calculations of many factors. In course of Vastu for Petrol pump or Vastu for Diesel Pump or even Vastu for Filling station including Vastu for CNG filling station etc Vastu factors should be treated in line to the nature of every aspect being used for filling station. I met a Vastu consultant in Delhi few days back who has installed the underground petrol & underground diesel storage tanks in south-east assuming it a fire element, which is not OK. So while deciding Vastu for Petrol filling station of diesel pump etc. one should take care of the below factors:

Where to make underground diesel storage tank in petrol pump,

Where to dig up pit for the under ground storage of diesel storage tank,

Where the office should be located at a petrol pump,

Where should be the toilet in a petrol pump,

Where the dispensers should be fixed,

Where to store the CNG cylinders on a CNG pump etc..

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