Off-site Vastu Advice

Off-site Vastu Advice is also good for those who do not want to call Vastu consultant on site.

Often people call me and ask questions:
How to take Vastu advice on Whatsapp?
How to get Vastu consultation on email?
How to avail the Vastu advice on WhatsApp?
How to Contact Best Vastu Consultant?
How to call Vastu consultant?
How to book appointment of Vastu consultant?
How to discuss Vastu with Vastu Consultant?

The reasons may be:

  • He lives in very remote area where travelling by a Vastu consultant is troublesome,
  • He wants immediate advice on WhatsApp. WhatsApp advice is also good & clear.
  • He wants to conceal from someone in the family the fact that he has taken professional Vastu advice,
  • He cannot afford the professional fees of onsite Vastu consultancy services
  • He is planning to buy one site but wants to establish which site is the best..

However, there may be any reason but advice through email or Vastu advice through WhatsApp is also easy.

How an Off-site Vastu Advice is conducted:

This is also very easy. One may send an email with his intended query that may contain:

What documents are needed to be sent through email?
What all information for vastu consultation should be sent Via WhatsApp?
What all data is needed for off-site Vastu consultation?
What is the fees of Vastu consultation through emails?
What is the Vastu Consultancy Charges for WhatsApp Vastu advice?
How to make the fees of Professional Consultation Charges?
What are the modes to pay online Vastu consultancy fees?
How to get Vastu Consultation on SKYPE?
How do you charge for a SKYPE Vastu consultancy services?

On the basis of client’s requirement we reply within 24 hours & set the consultation modes or ways of giving Vastu consultancy online. Isn’t easy….?

Once the client pays professional Vastu consultancy fees then Vastu consultation services is provided to the best satisfaction of the client. Certainly this is the secret why our clients send us appreciation mails & we feel delighted having provided you the best possible Vastu consultancy services.