Authentic Vastu consultant is one who knows all scientific aspects of Vastu Shastra & deals in Vastu science really as a technical subject. So technical Vastu covers all aspects of Scientific Vastu and makes it as logical Vastu Shastra. This is the greatness of this wonderful science of Vastu.

Truth of Vastu & its Practical aspect: Paradoxically, the science of Vastu has remained in multiple types of hands & being processed under the typical mindset that makes this great science a difficult & hard to believe an ordinary subject. Vastu Shastra Consultants in India were advising the people in rural India hundreds & thousands of years ago & they were very neat & clean people who never tried to distort this subject as superstition for their vested interest. Vastu expert in every city is trying to find the best means to check each Vastu impact but still Vastu Experts in very small villages are still working on paradox level. It would be better if they become qualified Vastu Consultant at their level & could serve better. I have seen that Vastu Consultants at different place define Vastu from different angle. BUT most of the traditional Vastu Shastris are working on old methods which cannot be proved scientifically. Few Vastu Shastrees are also dealing parallel in other side businesses like astrology, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading etc. In such a case the perfection has always to live with uncertainty. It may be an example like “Jack of all trades & master of none”. Vastu expert at every place should be dealing with multiple aspects of Vaastu like Vastu for home. In course of advising on Vastu for homes or Vastu For house one has to keep in mind that the residents are supposed to sleep there in this home for 6 to 8 hours and they should get sound sleep and cushioned feelings.

Vastu is applicable everywhere: Vastu is not only for small houses or for big houses but also it works for other types of houses. In course of doing Vastu for Villa, the basic Vastu rules remain the same but Vastu for drawing slightly changes at the time of creating concept. At the same time Vastu for duplex villa also works deeply on Vastu for design. Vastu for design comprises the front facade or Vastu for front elevation. So Vastu for elevation of Vastu for front courtyard & Vastu for rear Courtyard etc are equally important when doing Vaastu consultancy in a house. Vastu for vila also ponders upon few other facts like Vastu for neighborhood houses or Vastu for neighbours. Vastu for duplex house is not very different when Vastu for drawing a house or a duplex villa or duplex house is concerned maximum positive Vastu rules are to be used for the best outcome. Another way to utilise Vastu guidelines are seen in Vastu for Home setting. In due course of action when a senior Vastu Shastri discusses about  Vastu for interiors, this simple and only one topic covers many Vastu precautions like Vastu for elevation or also called as Vastu for Elevation or alternatively Vastu for Facades. However these all are one and the same things, but working on perfect Vastu for home includes the front design, Vastu for front courtyard, Vastu for rear courtyard & peculiarly for the site that has two sides openings. In each case the Vastu principles change as per the directions like Vastu for south-east facing is different from Vastu for south-west facing. In these terms the vibrant energy is considered for each direction. That is why Vastu for south facing is more different as compared to Vastu for north facing because south is a hot direction hence cool colours are not advised in this case. Similarly Vastu for north-east facing or Vastu for east facing also work on the same principles of Vastu vibrations or Vastu energies.

Vastu as integral part of life: Certainly Vastu has to play an important role in our life therefore  Vastu for health is very important topic nowadays. Vastu cares for our health.. there is no doubt in it. Similarly Vastu also cares for humans financial comfort so Vastu for finances is too essential to study all positive Vastu & negative Vastu points. There are many factors of traditional Vastu which also changed as per time and became Vastu for Modern Vaastu. Here one thing is very essential that Vastu for Wealth or similarly Vastu for Money caters the requirement of finances for us which is utmost important for smooth sailing of life. Those who are into services, they prefer to search online the special title of Vastu for Job or they may go for Vastu for Service. The people who have their parental businesses or create themselves their own business they seek advice on Vastu for Business. The office goers use to check and surf maximum things of their interest hence Vastu for Office gains very much popularity. Vastu for Corporate Office comprises the different niche where a big business tycoon wants to grow fast in a positive way so he looks for Vastu for Corporate but his intension is there to maintain the proper relations or IR in his head office so he understands to take care of Vastu for Head Office.

Vastu for Commercial sites: If someone is going to choose a plot for residence, he uses to go to Vastu consultancy services provider in his town & seeks consultancy services for Vastu for Plot. If he starts his business in near future then his intension is to grow with the business and then he concentrates upon Vastu for Commercial office. But before starting his business or before making the building on that plot he wants Vastu for Commercial plot and looks the best Vastu advice for Vastu for Commercial site. After having discussed various options on Vastu for construction, he talks about Vastu for commercials.

Vastu for studies:

Those into studies look for their intended aspect of Vastu and talk of Vastu for Students. In this topic the main factor is Vastu for Study. If a student receives multiple awards & rewards in his student life he chooses to adopt Vastu & asks questions related to Vastu for Awards & Vastu for Rewards. If the student is brilliant in studies or very advanced in his sports activities he wins many medals & wants to decorate his medals as per Vastu. Here Vastu for Medals & Vastu for Certificates is of importance. Vastu for Admission in desired college, desired stream or desired college etc is also very essential when comes the matter of Vastu for careers or Vastu for carriers Though these all are under the domain of Vastu for Education but may be different for target based scholars doing preparation for the competitive exams. I pray best success to all of them.

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