Dr. Anand Bhardwaj (MA, MBA. Ph.D-Socio., Ph.D-Vastu, D.Sc Eq. D.Lit-Vastu)

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a world-class Vastu consultant who is in this profession for the last 41 years & he has visited many countries worldwide for Vastu visits.

He is the recipient of 132 awards, rewards & mementoes, He received 24 medals so far, He is the Vastu celebrity, He bears the status of a VIP among the Vastu consultants, He is often invited by the social, religious, cultural & other organisations to inaugurate their functions,

That’s why we told you that he is the senior most Vastu consultant with energetic mindset, smart, man of ideas, creative, active, dynamic, prompt, logical and true Vastu consultant. Below are his more qualities which instantly impress everyone…

He is Specialised in Residential & Commercial Vastu:
He is Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who has addressed almost 4,75000 queries till now
Appeared on numerous national TV Channels….
Has given more than 1000 TV shows,
Wrote articles in more than 120  news papers, Magazines & periodicals,
Currently on panel of almost 70 Big Builders, Industrialists, Corporate Groups & Colonisers,
He has inaugurated more than 500 seminars, symposiums, Vastu workshops & Art & Culture Fetes,
HE IS REALLY A VIP & Senior Vastu Celebrity.

Awarded as:

  • Best Vastu Consultant-1989,
  • Scientific Vastu Adviser of the Year-1998
  • Best Vastu writer of the year-2004,
  • Outstanding Vastu Consultant-2009,
  • Scientific Vastu Guru -2014,
  • Most advanced Vastu Consultant of the year-2016

If we add every achievement of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the above list shall need many pages….  He is really a world famous & world class Vastu celebrity…. Not an ordinary Vastu Consultant. He is the right Vastu Consultant whom you were looking for…

We Have Provided Vastu Consultation To All types of persons, firms, Trades Like: Householders, Working Class, Businessmen, Industrialists, Actors, Photographers, Financers, Painters, Property Dealers And Real Estate Agents, Chartered Accountants, Singers, Artists, Telecom Companies, Students, Radio Stations, Doctors, Lyricists, Directors, CEOs, Software Development Companies, Interior Decorators, Aviation Persons, Surgeons, Celebrities, Consultants, Teachers, Lecturers, Fashion Industries, Casinos, Beauty Parlours, Boutiques, Pharmaceutical Companies, Architects, Dancers, Radio Jockey, Writers, Editors, Composers, Script Writers, Novelists, Choreographers, Gardeners, Landscape Consultants, Leaders, Political Parties, Bureaucrats, Officers, Commissioners, Farmers, Farm House Owners, Carpenters, Plumbers For Plumbing As Per Vastu, Air Conditioning Agencies, Project Heads Etc.

Commercial Vastu & recommendation:

  • Suggestions of Vastu for Industrial Vastu
  • Opinion on Vastu for Factory,
  • Vastu for Industrial establishments
  • Vastu Shastra Advice for Commercial Sites
  • Vastu Advice for Corporate houses
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  • Commercial Vastu Balancing
  • Checking Vastu in a showroom

Home Vastu / Residential Vastu

  • Best Vastu for Residence
  • Vastu-Best facing for House
  • Best direction of house
  • Vastu Shastra for Positive directions
  • Vastu for south facing House
  • South west facing and Vastu Value
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  • Energising Vastu for west facing
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  • North east facing premises house
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