Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu

This is the truth that Vastu for Industries which also termed as Industrial Vastu is quite different from residential Vastu because Vastu for factories has to take care of various factors like Vastu for raw material, Vastu for finished goods, Vastu for factory gate 7 vastu for the CMD room or MD room. Where the chairman is the top person there Vastu for the chairman of the industry is very crucial. In fact the senior most person in the factory should be seated at the most powerful & commanding area which lies in exact Nairutt direction called the super strong Vastu area.


There are many points & factors we have to take care in industrial Vastu.

  • Main entrance gate in factory
  • Industrial Vastu for Main gate
  • Vastu for induistrial gate’s shape
  • What size of main gate in industrial Vastu
  • Commercial Vastu & location of sheds
  • Vastu for sheds slopes
  • Industrial Vastu in Location of Sheds
  • Slope of floor as per Vastu
  • Vastu Advice in Hindi
  • The slope of sheds in all directions

Here are few main & major factors Of Vastu:

  • Structure of Industrial sheds
  • Material used as per Vastu in Industries
  • Height Concerns of factory sheds
  • Placement of main Office
  • CMD’s Room as per Vastu
  • Vastu for Director Cabin
  • CEO’s office as per Vastu
  • Directors office Vastu
  • Vastu for offices
  • Vastu For accountants
  • Vastu for Cash Counter
  • Accounts Department Vastu direction
  • Sales department Vastu
  • Purchase Deptt Vastu Guidelines

Internal Placement & Position in Industrial Vastu:

  • Where to place the maintenance Deptt
  • Vastu direction for raw materials
  • Vastu placement of Machinery
  • Facing of Machinery
  • Vastu Face of operators
  • Production Clockwise
  • Anticlockwise production
  • Machines running clockwise
  • Anti clock wise Machines running Vastu
  • Vastu advice for clockwise production
  • Advice of Vastu for counter clockwise production
  • Positive locations of Manpower
  • Industrial Vastu in Hindi
  • Vastu position of Raw Material
  • Machinery direction in Vastu
  • Where to place semi finished goods
  • Direction of finished goods
  • Vastu for Excise Bond room
  • Staff dealing with GST as per Vastu

FIRE elements in Industrial Vastu:

  • Where to place the Electrical Room
  • Vastu for heat area
  • Welding hall as per Vastu
  • MCB Board placement Vastu
  • Furnace direction in Vastu
  • Vastu for Boilers
  • Vastu Advice on Fire
  • Pressing Department in Industry
  • Soldering Direction in Vastu
  • Spot welding Direction Vastu
  • Diesel Generator Set direction
  • Panchtatva in Vastu in Hindi
  • Petrol DG sets & Vastu placements
  • Electrical Panels Direction & Walls
  • Best Vastu Directions for Furnaces
  • Canteen in Vastu
  • Pantry Best Vastu Directions

Water Storage Directions As per Vastu:

  • Where to place the Water Tanks
  • Underground Water Tank Vastu
  • Vastu for overhead Water storage tank
  • Earth Level Water Tanks
  • Vastu for underground water tank in Hindi
  • Mini Water Storage tanks in Toilets
  • Storage of water on roof
  • Vastu for storage of water directions

Effluent treatment Plant Vastu:

  • Dirty Water Area in Vastu Shastra
  • Vastu for ETP plant
  • ETP process as per Vastu
  • Where to place the Water Tanks
  • Small water Storage Vastu
  • Huge Water Storage for process
  • Vastu for ETP Plant in Hindi
  • Fire fighting tanks in Vastu
  • Fire cylinders Vastu
  • Vastu for fire extinguishers
  • Vastu for Pipe Hydrants in Industry